Tree planting project

Our team is a bunch of motivated nonprofit organization who want to secure the future of the planet. Trees are the main oxygen source of our Earth, by planting them we can reduce the CO2 level. As a devoted team who really wants to do something to our environment, we are constantly working with foresters and planting, growing and protecting our Plant A Tree forests for a better and greener tomorrow! join our mission and let’s give Nature a little back of how much it’s given us.

Why is tree planting so important?

Trees are the main oxygen source of our Earth, by planting them we can reduce the CO2 level. According to science and research, forest reforestation is the number answer for stopping global warming.  That is why we need to take action now. We are committed to plant ten million trees in the next 3 years in three regions all of Malawi. we make sure that the forests are well protected. We work with schools, communities, local chiefs and the general public.

We planted trees in Nkhata-bay:

Kunyanja PVT secondary school: 700 seedlings.

Kalambwe FP school :600 seedlings,

 St. Maria Gorrette FP school: 1000, seedlings

Happy day PVT primary school :1100 seedlings

Mutilirwa village :2000

Chembezi River banks :837

Muswaphande River banks :421

Waste management

Go Green waste collection was established to provide a complete range of waste management services including collection, transportation, sorting, recycling, treatment and disposal of solid waste. We partner with our communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources, creating a clean environment and renewable energy.

Go Green we operate a fully comprehensive waste management service to residential, industrial & commercial businesses nationwide. Our services & products also extend to the Local Authorities & town councils throughout the country including the 3 cities. Our high-quality products and cost-effective services can be tailored to meet clients or communities needs as we help to achieve environmental objectives. We have introduced Door to Door waste collection, we are turning plastics in to paving blocks, we are also turning waste into organic manure.

Women and children rights

Every child has right to education. In order to address the challenges of young girls dropping out of school,Go Green engaged a needs assessment on why these primary school children drop out of school

Early marriage is still a big problem in Malawi. An estimated 46 percent of girls in Malawi get married before they reach the age of 18 years and about nine percent get married before the age of 15 acase of Mlambuzi Village in Lilongwe, a lot of young girls and boys drop out of school due to lack of motivation and poverty to support their education. As part of needs assessment and motivation talks we have had an impact on these girls and we have managed to bring them back to school with the help of local chiefs.