Women’s And Childrens Rights

Go Green save Environment Women And Children’s Rights (GGSEWCR)
Works to promote and protect human rights through education, advocacy and development programs at the community with much emphasis on women and children.

We are committed to women and youth development and to actively addressing some of Malawi’s most critical environmental and socio‐economic challenges affecting women and youth, through education, skills development.

In Malawi and many other African countries, there exists a major issue with girls and women not having access to menstrual products. Some girls don’t attend school, while they are menstruating.

This prohibits their opportunities for progress and limits their futures, as they are restricted to their homes during their periods. This leads to schoolgirls missing school, which results in poor educational performance as well as them dropping out completely.

The organization seek to promote the welfare of women, children, vulnerable and the deprived of the world by working directly with the people, communities, government and organization.

The organization work to ensure worldwide positive social change, enriching lives and communities. Believing in the noble and able strength and potentials of mankind to perfectly resolve his problem that lead to freedom over poverty, economic sufficient and improved quality lives, we work with individuals, organizations, communities, government and partners to bring about positive change, and development.

GGSE work to provide empowerment and opportunities to people to help bring about the needed changes.
The activities of GGSE encompasses several areas including education, child care and protection, women and girls empowerment, health care, capacity building, HIV/ AIDS, community development , global environment and peace.

GGSE mission work to ensure and facilitate the availability of quality educational opportunity to every child everywhere. We provide support, assistance and sponsorship to underprivileged and marginalized individual children in their education. The sponsorship covers the school fees, uniform, transportation, books and others school provisions.

GGSE in partnership with children, families, communities and governments work to ensure protection of children from exploitation, and trafficking for domestic servitude and labor through education, awareness creation and provision of direct help to individual children. We assist parents/ guardians and families members raise family income as a support system.

We provide basic health care in the rural and deprived communities through the following.
(I) Promotion of community health through awareness- raising and community health programs.
(ii) Reusable pads will be produced by women in Townships and village.
Although there already exists reusable pads in Malawi, the quality of the product is unfortunately not up to standard, and they are simply too expensive. GGSE is here to turn that around and make reusable pads that all girls and women can afford to buy.
Who is going to make the pads and where are they going to be made:
GGSE reusable pads will be produced by women from Malawi, Nkhata bay district.
Organization that teaches women how to operate sewing machines. Through this cooperation, we will be able to create and offer jobs to the women the organization focuses on.

(1) To work to ensure and facilitate the availability of quality educational opportunities to Every child and provide them assistance.
(2) To give opportunity to children to build for themselves brighter future.
(3) To protect children from exploitation and trafficking for domestic.
servitude and labor be working with the children, parents community and partners through education, Awareness, support and care.


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July 13, 2020